Long Car Rides With Kids

4 Ways to Make Long Car Rides with Your Kids More Fun

If you are prepping for a road trip with your kids, it's time to prepare with a few hacks to keep your kids happy travelers. From hacking a movie, saving pacifiers from getting lost, and the best way to snack while in the car, here's four ways to make long car rides with your kids way more fun and easy on you. 

Having a DVD player in your vehicle really comes in handy when you have kids, but how can you hack a movie in your car if you don't have an actual DVD player installed? Start with an iPad, a large freezer bag and two short bungee cords. Just attach the bungee cords to the backs of the front seats. Place the iPad into plastic bag and push the bungee cords through the bags. Now the iPad is suspended between the front seats and your kids can watch a movie. Just make sure the freezer bag is clear so the kids can easily see the iPad screen. 

Create a travel tray for your kids with a small baking sheet-grab one for the dollar store and a small pillow. You can use Velcro or hot glue to attach the pillow to the bottom of the baking sheet. When you kids are in the car, they can use the tray to read, color, snack, play with toys, or watch a movie. Plus this inexpensive DIY is easy to store when you aren't traveling. 

This hack is a lifesaver for babies and toddlers that love their pacifier. Take a bib and attach a pacifier clip to the bottom of the bib. Now when you travel and your little one drops their pacifier, you don't need to stop the car and start a search party looking for the pacifier because it will be attached to their bib. Also, you won't have to disinfect the pacifier each time it is out of their mouth because the clip keeps it close to your little one instead of letting it hit the floor.

What's a road trip without a few snacks? Well when you are traveling with kids, it seems like you need more snacks they you can imagine. So use this hack to keep all of the snack organized and in once place. Grab a plastic shower caddy from the dollar store and when your kids want a snack, just load up the food into the caddy and pass it back. This way your kids can keep everything on their lap-including their drinks and napkins. Then when they are done snacking, they can pass the caddy back to you for the next round of snacks.
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