Car Battery Services in Baltimore MD

Car Battery Services in Baltimore MD

Car Battery Services in Baltimore MD

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There are many important aspects of your vehicle that you should be keeping an eye out for. At Len Stoler CDJR, we have a service center filled with certified technicians that understand the ins and outs of every Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram vehicle. One aspect of a vehicle that can be easily overlooked is the battery. We, along with every knowledgeable car person, know that the car battery is really what keeps everything running smoothly, without issue. Down below we are going to be going over how exactly batteries work, why they’re so important, and how to know if you potentially need a new one. We are here to help you, however we can!

How exactly do batteries even work?

At the base of it all, batteries work thanks to chemistry, and the chemical reactions that are produced within the battery. Most car batteries get six cells, which translates into 12-volts. Every cell that is being looked at has two plates, and when those plates are submerged in sulphuric acid, there is a reaction that occurs that ends up producing ions. Those ions continue to create electrons, which bounce around against the plates to create electricity. All of this electricity that is being formed is then able to flow from your battery to your engine, your headlights, and to your radio so you can listen to your favorite jams. Without this chemical reaction, your vehicle won’t even be able to start.

What makes the battery so important?

As briefly mentioned up above, without the battery working, your engine won’t be able to start. That means, no matter where you need to go, or what emergency you have, you won’t be going anywhere. During the cold and harsh Baltimore winters, this can be a real issue. Winter is never good on car batteries, and can end up draining them completely. That is why it is highly recommended to get your battery checked fairly frequently, especially if it is over 3 years old. After a particularly bad winter, you might want to consider getting a new battery. Otherwise, without a good battery, you can find yourself in a dangerous position.

How do I know when I need a new battery?

There are a few key indicators you can use to figure out if your battery needs to be replaced. One of the easiest things to consider is how old your battery is. For anything over 3 years old, it should be getting checked fairly regularly, which means you should always have a pulse on how it is performing. Beyond that, consider how your vehicle starts. If the starts are slow and sluggish, that could be an easy sign that something isn’t right. You might also want to get your Check Engine Light checked if it pops up, as that can also flash when your battery isn’t performing.

Car Battery Services at Len Stoler CDJR

Here at Len Stoler CDJR, we have certified technicians that will take care of you, and your car’s battery. Schedule an appointment with us, and we will make sure that we will check the battery’s charge, look for any corrosion or leaks, and even beyond that, replace the battery if necessary. We hope to see you soon!